Il concorso è sospeso. The competition is forwarded. Le Concours est prolongé. 大奖赛正式开始

Raphael. The Portrait of a Young Woman, also known as La Muta, Ducal Palace of Urbino

Il concorso è aperto fino al 18 ottobre. Regolamento aggiornato

The competition is open until 18 October. Updated rules.

Le Concours est ouvert jusqu’au 18 octobre. Règlement mis à jour.

(大奖赛正式开始,2020年10月18日结 (日结束。规章已更新)

Piero della Francesca. The Madonna di Senigallia, the young girl on the right is the same model


HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK happens every second year in Senigallia at the end of May when several organizations devoted to photography history and art expertise have their meetings. A Picture fair take place in an historical palace, with an offer of picture books and pre-digital age photographs. Other groups plan interesting events, too, since amateurs and collectors from various countries are in town.

Get a sense of what is going on in the history of photography world, hear some interesting papers, visit some unusual exhibitions, have a fresh swim, try the gourmet tradition of the town …