The La Muta Prize is an international photography award that aims to reward 4 authors and allow them to develop an analogue photography project or an essay on an aspect of the history of photography.

It also aims to prepare for future exhibitions through a competition inviting the Biennale audience to choose from photographs scattered around the city during the opening days of Biennale 2023. Residents and visitors will vote with ballots for three days, May 18-19-20, 2023. The list of winners will be announced during the evening celebration on Saturday, May 20, 2023.


The competition is open to people of all ages and nationalities. Participation in the competition is free of charge, but applicants preselected by the Jury for exhibition during the Biennale 2023 days must provide their work in material form, silver prints, paper media, ancient techniques on metal and glass, etc.Participants must fill out a form available online, their identity will not be revealed during the voting.

The project submitted initially in digital form must be accompanied by a brief description (5 lines of text or 60 seconds of video). The ideas developed must be about a story, a photographic narrative, presented with a minimum of two and a maximum of nine photographs. Each applicant must make a choice, they can compete for a month-long residency in Senigallia (prize provided for 3 winners) or an exhibition and a three-day stay in Paris (prize provided only for the first place, Offsite winner). Must commit to providing an authorization to publish the images online and in print media as part of the Biennale’s communication, with a guarantee of authenticity of the author and, in the case of citations of works by other authors, proof that the legal copyright period has been respected.The deadline for receipt of the nomination form is Thursday, March 23, 2023. PROLONGATION 15 april 2023.

The Senigallia Biennale Scientific Jury will meet on Monday, March 27, to select the works for exhibition during the Biennale and public voting. Validation will be at the discretion of the Scientific Jury of the Senigallia Biennial, which will inform the nominees by email.

Selected nominees must then deliver or send their series of photographs to ATELIER41, Senigallia by May 17, 2023.


The photo series selected for the competition will be exhibited around the city, at association headquarters, store windows and all partner venues of the Biennial.

A plan of the city will be made available to the public with a marked route both on paper and online.

The works will be exhibited anonymously, without any indication of the identity, age or place of residence of the candidates. It will be indicated only whether the nominee is competing for a residency or Offsite award.

Voting will take place over 3 days and will be open to all residents and visitors who fill out a 4-line paper ballot to nominate their choice of 4 winners, indicating the nominee’s number and the address of the exhibition site.

The ballots will be delivered to one of 3 ballot boxes: Albergo Bice, Caffé del Foro, ATELIER41.

Winners will be announced after the ballots are counted at the celebration party on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

Conditions of hospitality in residence:

Competition winners will be accommodated in Senigallia (with lodging and food) in facilities identified by the Senigallia Biennial and made available to them for a period of 28 days to be chosen between September 2023 and March 2024. Authors may opt for different periods and/or share the residency period. It is also possible to stay for non-consecutive periods, such as one week in October, two in December, and one in February. Departures and arrivals must be on weekends. The Senigallia Biennial will cover travel costs (economy class up to 500 euros for European participants and up to 1,000 euros for participants from the rest of the world). Travel, board and lodging costs of any additional collaborators will be borne by the participants themselves.

Conditions of the exhibition in Paris:

The selected project will be exhibited at Hotel Parister, rue Saulnier, current correspondent of the Biennale. The exhibition, as a representation of the Photography Biennale promotes research on the history from photography or the city of Senigallia. The Biennale will cover the cost of travel (economy class up to 500 euros) and accommodation for 3 nights in Paris.

Further presentation of selected projects:

The Senigallia Biennial reserves the right to present the winners’ works, those created during the residency and those exhibited in Paris, according to its terms and to produce them through individual exhibitions during the next Biennial in 2025.

Application Form