Preamble: This award will be presented in honour of Prof. Bugatti during the Photography Week in Senigallia, Cittá della Fotografia. Open to all, it highlights the astonishing diversity of possibilities offered by photography since its invention. It rewards those who foster curiosity for the many ways of making, printing, giving, studying, looking, thinking about and collecting photographs. Photography encourages cultural transmission and multiplies possibilities.

RULES. ART. 1 – The “La Muta” Prize will be awarded every odd year by the association Sena Nova to seven candidates who, through their ideas, work or research, contribute significantly to the promotion of photography and the teaching of its history.

Participation is free and open to all, regardless of age or nationality. Each candidate may compete in one or more of the categories. The entry form is available online in four languages, Italian, French, English and Chinese, and should be addressed to the following e-mail address: premio @ lamuta.it

The award ceremony will be held, for the first edition, during the last week of May 2021, coinciding with the Biennale of Senigallia.

ART. 2 – Time limit. Applications and projects must be received no later than midnight on Sunday 18 October 2020. An international jury (in the process of being established) will make a pre-selection among the applications received. No later than 15 November 2020, the Jury will choose a number of entrants who will be invited to complete their projects which will be published online.

ART. 3 – The Jury shall designate the winners of the seven categories on 4 February 2021.

ART. 4 – Prize. The four winners chosen by the Jury for categories 1-4 will receive a solo exhibition in one of the historic palaces of the city of Senigallia: Palazzo del Duca, Palazzetto Baviera, Rocca Rovesresca or Santa Maria delle Grazie, and a catalogue published in the “Taccuini Maltagliati” collection. The three winners for categories 5-7 will be celebrated in a special event and a ceremony. In addition, they will each receive a trophy, a diploma, € 500.00 in reimbursement for the purchase of materials and logistical costs, as well as other prizes offered by sponsors: stays, trips, materials …

All candidates will have their presentation video published on the website lamuta.it. Minors and adults under guardianship must attach the permission of both parents or the guardian.

All nominees who send in their works will see them exhibited in a group exhibition, both in the real world and on the Internet. The public will be called upon to select an additional seven winners online for the public prize, who will get a trophy and a diploma.

ART. 5 – There are seven categories to compete in:

1- “La Muta” Prize for Contemporary Photographers using Classical Processes.

Photographs must be handmade, using any of the 19th or 20th century techniques, daguerreotype, ambrotype, melanotype, collodion, albumen, salted paper, dichromatic gum, cyanotype, silver salts, Fresson process, Polaroid, etc… excluding any digital printing. The printing process must be documented by a one-minute video submitted with the application form. This prize may also be awarded to an inventor who has reconstructed a lost photographic or printing process.

2 – “La Muta” Pinhole Camera Prize.

Photographs may be unique or form a coherent series (minimum 3 images, maximum 24). They must be accompanied by a one-minute video presentation. It is recommended that a mysterious subject be chosen or that the work constitute a tribute to the history of photography.

3- “La Muta” Prize for the Visual Anthropology and History of Photography.

Candidates’ works may relate to the Visual Anthropology, the social and cultural history of photography before 1989, to the life of a photographer or to a rediscovered archive. It can also be the text of a lecture or the chapter of a course in the history of photography intended for any age. The language can be Italian, English or French. Applications must be accompanied by a one-minute video presentation.

4 – “La Muta” Video Prize.

The richness and creativity of the field is immense. An experimental video, a scientific short film, but also a project or the script of a documentary are accepted if accompanied by a one-minute presentation video. This prize will be awarded in collaboration with an international institution.

5 – “La Muta” Poetry Prize.

Poems in verse or prose, calligrams, a series of haikus, are accepted, in all languages. The poems must be accompanied by translations into Italian, French and English, and a one-minute video presentation. It is recommended that a photographic subject be chosen or that the poem constitute a tribute to the invention of photography.

6 – “La Muta” Music Prize.

Composers, by participating, accept that their original compositions (or songs) are part of the sound environment of the Senigallia Photographic Week; they remain the owners of their rights outside the event and the organizers’ websites. Entries must be accompanied by a one-minute clip.

7 – “Bugatti” Prize for Love of Photography.

The prize is awarded to the author or scientific editor (natural person) of an outstanding book or a collection of publications, catalogues, historical studies or descriptions of recovered photographic archives. Nominations must be accompanied by a one-minute filmed presentation.

Senigallia, 4 April 2020

The President of “Sena Nova” Prof.ssa Elisa Santelli
The Secretary of “Sena Nova” Prof. Camillo Nardini

HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK happens every odd year in Senigallia at the end of May when several organizations devoted to photography history and art expertise have their meetings. A Picture fair take place in an historical palace, with an offer of picture books and pre-digital age photographs. Other groups plan interesting events, too, since amateurs and collectors from various countries are in town.

Get a sense of what is going on in the history of photography world, hear some interesting papers, visit some unusual exhibitions, have a fresh swim, try the gourmet tradition of the town …